123 Crusoe


Drama based on the tale of Robinson Crusoe.


Fridays @ 8pm on NBC.
Tentative: Fridays @ 8pm on Citytv.


Based on the legendary novel by Daniel Defoe, this is the tale of Robinson Crusoe. A young man leaves his true love to embark on an adventure, only to end up shipwrecked on a remote tropical island for 28 years, completely detached from the life he once knew. His desire to return to his wife and his strong and unlikely friendship with Friday are the only things that keep him sane. While stranded, Crusoe encounters enemies and braves the elements. Part MacGyver, part Castaway and part Pirates of the Caribbean, this is a contemporary morality tale about love, friendship and personal discovery. Crusoe is an aspirational tale of survival, rife with action and comedy.